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Stream 'Against the Tide' film online

Cafe Church will be back for a final session in our 'Against the Tide' series on Sunday, 19th March.

The first part of the film started in the warmth of the Eagle and Child pub, where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien once gathered. This is where Kevin Sorbo and Professor John Lennox begin a journey to discover how the Christian faith stands against atheism. Their conversations continued through the university hallways of Oxford and Cambridge, and Lennox opened his faith to examination, discussing the curious relationship between science and Christianity.

We also heard stories from Prof. Lennox about his travels in Soviet Europe, and he described the consequences of an atheistic worldview.

We watched the second part of the film last time, in which Kevin Sorbo and Prof. Lennox walked where Jesus taught - from the top of Mount Precipice to the sea of Galilea. They dove deep into the story of Christianity. Standing at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, they reached the crux of their conversation: do science and history refute the claims of the Bible? John Lennox insists that the Christian Gospel is true and historically credible and is able to withstand the pressure of atheism.

Speaking of his belief in the resurrection, he said:

"I'm convinced of it, not only as a Christian but as a scientist."

But what about us? Are we convinced of the truth and relevance of Christianity beyond reasonable doubt?

Come along and be part of the conversation this Sunday evening!

Don't forget that we will have a bookstall again, offering you amazing resources by Professor Lennox.

If you haven't seen the film, you can stream it online for a couple of pounds here:


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