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In short: yes! Absolutely!

We have recently completed a resource and sermon series entitled 'SHARE'. We considered the importance of sharing the good news of the Gospel with others. We also looked at creative, fresh, sustainable ways to do it.

It might surprise you to read this, but regularly preaching the Gospel to ourselves is just as important as sharing it with others.

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ that we need daily. We need it for our salvation, but we also need it for every moment of our lives. The Gospel does not just give us grace at the moment of our conversion; the Gospel gives us grace for all of life. From life's mundane to epic moments, the good news about Jesus gives us hope, purpose and perspective.

Most of us would attest to the reality that we are forgetful people. We are easily distracted and quick to overlook the truth of God's word and promises.

We need to actively remind ourselves of God's grace. We need to daily declare to our own hearts who Jesus is and what he has done for us. We are called to anchor our whole lives and identities in Christ. We are called to preach the Gospel to ourselves in all circumstances.

This is what we will consider in a new, five-part sermon series.

What does preaching the Gospel to ourselves look like?

We can preach the Gospel to ourselves by looking at our everyday moments through the lens of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Also, by immersing ourselves in the Gospel and the truth of God's word and expecting him to bring us real and lasting transformation.

The Gospel is God's power to save when we feel ashamed, burnt out, anxious and unsafe, helpless and stuck.

We pray that this sermon series will increase your faith and trust in God and equip you to meet every part of your life with Gospel grace and hope.


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